It seems like you blink and the days go by. For this blog it seems like I blinked and the years have gone by. Where have we been? Right where we have always been just living life with Lila Chu Yan and Tess Xiao Yun. And we are loving every minute of it. Love that is what these two radiate everyday. We can't say it enough how blessed we are to have these child of God in our lives. They keep us whole. They keep us focused. And they keep us on the move, even if it is to the kitchen a couple dozen times a day or bending over to pick up every small friend (toy) Tess has left where she played last.Yes, I teach her to clean up but she always reminds me she needs them there. Well, we are back. I have missed blogging and sharing how taking a leap of faith in adoption has transformed us.

Cowgirl Elsa

"I told you MaMa, I want to be Cowgirl Elsa"- Lila
"Like Lila"- Tess