LID 6-7-06

We began what is known as "paper chasing" in January 2006. There was an amazing amount of paper work and processing of forms in this process. We were assigned two amazing individuals to assist us. We truly appreciate all of help we received from our social worker, Robin and our dossier consultant, Teresa. Long Island never before seemed that close. On June 5, our paperwork was finally on its way to China. And we were very lucky to be logged in on June 7. The date you are logged in becomes the official date and order used in the referral, or matching process. We are LID 6-7-06. (Log In Date)
Welcome to our blog...Chinababy Or Bust. We began our journey on December 20, 2005 when we applied to Harrah's Adoption International Mission. After much soul searching we knew that China is where our child is. We will use this blog to document our journey for our family and friends, as well as a keepsake for our Chinababy. Please save us on your favorites and follow along this amazing journey to bring our baby (or babies) home. Yes, we are hoping for twins- we didn't use all those fertility meds. for nothing. Please keep us in your prayers.