An Amazing Full Year

It has been a full year, to the date, they put Lila into our (her Mama's) arms and at first it seems as thought the time went by so fast. While taking pause this day to think, and feel and Believe of things larger than myself I am shaken to my core when I realize how much this amazing little soul has added to my life. From the first moments in Nanchang, where she placed her forehead against mine for what seemed like a lifetime and I felt the soft puffs of her sweet breath on my face to the last moment I saw her this morning before leaving for work, asleep in her snowman pajamas, peaceful, content and loved; I find myself humbled and inspired He would place such a blessing upon me. In this past year we have learned of love and loss, with each occasion strengthening the love of my wife and daughter, my love of Him and His plan for me and the appeciation of countless blessings. Daily I stand in awe of my wife and her amazing gift of motherhood, limitless patience and baffling understanding of the miracle we call Lila. As we celebrated Easter Sunday I stared at my beautiful baby's face and I saw the face of God, it brought me peace. I hoped to have a family some day, I didn't know God loved me so much. This past year was not short at all, but full, full of amazing and inspiring moments to the degree of which shakes my very confidence to face another one. Could there be another full year of such love and peace and mercy? My daughter brings all of that and more into our lives every day and it makes me a better man.

Lila Day

One year ago today our lives were changed in the most remarkable way.
Thank you Baby Girl for all of the love and joy you fill our hearts with.
You are love. You are beauty. You are truly amazing.

Happy Easter!

How To Get What You Want

A Special Visit

The Easter Bunny Came to visit while we were at our friends Emma and Gracie's house!


Lila loved dying eggs. Mama stayed very calm while Miss Independent did it herself. She would "splash" an egg in and ask in the cutest voice "Where'd it go?" Miss Melissa helped her add a little SPARKLE.

Look What We Found!