Giving Thanks

We are truly blessed beyond measure!


Lila had a fun filled day. She visited MaMa's school and spent the morning visiting classrooms full of fun activities (one of which was Daddy teaching Halloween safety). She and Grandma Fulv handed out candy, being sure to clap after each piece she gave out. Lila had her first candy bar. Can you tell how much she loves our neighbor Ms. Joan?

From Patch to Porch

Thank you Ms. Melissa and Mr. Joe for carving pumpkins with me. You are the best!

Thank You My Friend!

More truly beautiful photos by my friend, Katherine. I am so thankful for your friendship.

My Beautiful Girl

Lila had a playdate with Maris and Richard at the park. Their mom is an amazing photographer so we had a few photoshoots as well. Thank you Katherine for capturing my girl so beautifully.

Go to for more amazing pictures.

What I've Been Up to Part 2

Fishing with Joey and Charlie at the Wild Life Festival.
Baking with Mama. I'm an expert Taste Tester.

What I've Been Up to Lately Part 1

Stopping by Sanger Farms on the way home from church.
Swim lessons.
Making pesto.

Our Girl is 18 Months Old!

We can't believe that our girl is 18 months old and then we watch her. Which is what I do most of the day and love it. Lila has grown so much in such a short time. She is such a beautiful, happy and loving little girl. We are blessed to share her life.

She opens our eyes to the simpliest pleasures.

She lights up a room with her smile and giggle. She captures everyones attention. She is a quick learner (copycat) and very independent. Lila loves to go around the house calling her "daaddy" and instructing us to "read,read,read". She is just as in love with us as we are with her!

Three Months!

As Lila would say "WOW". She began to use this word when a large box arrived for her last week. It has been an unbelievable three months filled with many emotions, discoveries and life. My girl is full of life. We can't believe how much our baby has grown and changed in the past three months. So much so that I am a little sad to say she is no longer a baby but a beautiful little girl. I am blessed and honored to be her MaMa. There is no doubt that his little human being loves her MaMa and Daddy with all her heart. She is so loving and affectionate. Lila loves her independence now that she can "run" around. She takes herself all over the house and neighborhood. Speaking of the neighborhood, she is the star of our street. She stops cars. Lila loves water! She loves to drink it, splash in it, soak in it, swim in it and even dive head first with her dress and shoes on. Now that Lila has 15 teeth she enjoys many different foods. The girl can eat. She can also babble quite well. We are very curious to know what she is saying. I am proud to say that my girl loves to read and even has a favorite author: Eric Carle. BaBa and I can recite From Head to Toe and The Very Busy Spider without looking at the pages. She is so funny to listen to reading the book. She even points to the words. Lila actually started calling her Daddy BaBa (chinese for father) last week. She is even going potty in the toilet when MaMa notices it is time to do her business. Oh yeah, my girl is such a copy cat that she now swiffers the floors and wipes the table after a meal. We are blessed to have a girl who giggles and enjoys the simple things in life everyday. She is so strong and determined in everything she does. Thank you for you love and prayers!

A Post I Never Wanted to Make

Lila's Nonnie wanted and loved her so much. She waited so long to meet her. We were blessed to Skype Nonnie daily and Lila fell in love with her instantly. The past two months have been very bittersweet for them spending time together. And now I must share that we lost an amazing women; our mother, our grandmother, our friend and our protector to Ovarian Cancer this morning. Lila was there to love her. My heartbreaks that she will grow up without her. I pray that Lila will grow to be as strong, brave and determined as my mother was.

Two Months

We have enjoyed every minute of our lives with Lila these last two months. It has been busy and at times overwhelming. Where does the time go everyday?

We now blog and post pictures(when time permits) at Please check in on our adventures there.

Blogger Blocked in China

Please accept our apologies. Blogger was blocked in China and we were unable to post here. We hope you were able to find us at .

Sunday, April 10

Hello from the Hong Kong. We are awaiting our flight to Nanchang. We can't believe that today is the day. We will have Lila Chu Yan in our arms in a few hours. So excited! We have met so many wonderful friends. It has been amazing!

On our way Lila!

Hong Kong

Hello from Hong Kong!
We arrived yesterday afternoon and took a little walk along the harbor before having dinner and heading off to bed early.

Today was our last day being a party of 2. We met some wonderful friends and were taken on a very touristy tour of Hong Kong. We went to Stanley Market, a Fisherman's Village (quick boat tour around some house boats) and Victoria's Peak (it was very foggy). We then had a traditional DimSum lunch. Having coffee at Starbuck's with our new friends from Atlanta while we use their free wifi. Sending our love home!

Some Babies Come By Plane

We are finally leaving to bring our baby home. The last few weeks have been completely full. Full of packing, being showered with wonderful gifts, preparing for a leave at work and emotional highs and lows in our family. Keep us in your prayers. We will do our best to post our journey. We are on our way Lila Chu Yan!

Long Overdue Update

Life around here has been very busy. Last week we received Travel Approval and a few days later our US Consulate appointment. The next day we contacted a travel agent and booked 2 seats to Hong Kong and 3 seats from Hong Kong! We are leaving on April 7. Most importantly 2 weeks from now we will be holding Lila in our arms. We will receive our Travel Itinerary in the next few days.

Our Girl!

Last week we sent Lila Chu Yan a package through Ann at Red Thread. When she called Suichuan WI to ask for an update on our girl they informed her that they had nothing new to share since the update they sent out last week. We had no idea who they had sent it to. Well, today we found out. It was our amazing agency.

We also received our Visas today, thanks to Denise at There's Always Hope!

We're coming Lila, as fast as we can!

A Thought for Your Easter Baskets

Jiayin Designs also sells handmade Niu Niu Dolls and Rabbits, which would make great gifts for Easter baskets.

They just connected with CCAI (our agency) to start donating to their foster program in ZhuZhou city. Their dolls and rabbits are made by a woman there so they are giving a portion of the profit back to support the orphans. They love that they are providing employment to Chinese people who otherwise don't have much or any, providing treasures to Chinese children and families, supporting Chinese nationals who are doing missions work there, and now donating to some awesome programs like the foster program and soon The Sparrow Fund which provides grants to adoptive families.

Shopping and Making A Friend

For those of you who know me well you will not be surprised that I did do some shopping this weekend. You might be surprised that it was only a little and I did not score a huge monetary bargain. You won't be surprised that while finding an amazing piece of jewerly I made a new friend. (I tend to make one everywhere I go- yes, I am my father's daughter). I ordered a necklace that will be made with Chu Yan's name on it! I have been waiting so long to order this. I ordered through my new friend's website:
Please check them out.

I received this message from her this morning:
Hi Deanna, I emailed your order to Helen in Beijing and she just emailed back to tell me the meaning of your sweet little one's name! Together, Chu Yan actually means "a baby wild goose." She explained that this is a popular name in China because they believe the wild goose is strong and powerful.

How amazing is this!

Our Suichuan Daughters

I have posted a list of blogs that belong to the families of Lila Chu Yan's friends. We have all received referrals for little girls living at Suichuan Welfare Institute. We will be traveling together in approximately 5-7 weeks. We can't wait!

Where Chu Yan Lives

Chu Yan has been living at the Suichuan Welfare Institute. This is located in a rural area in the Province of Jiangxi. I have been researching the orphanage. A family who recently took their grown daughter back to her first home described their experience: "Suichuan County (pronounced “sway-chwahn”) is in the south of Jiangxi Province (“jiang-shee”) in southern China. It is considered a relatively small county of perhaps 400,000 to 500,000 people. For those who prefer to look no deeper than the surface, Suichuan is an unremarkable corner of a largely unremarkable province.

To get here, one must first take a plane or train from a major Chinese city to Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi. Once there, you must find a driver willing to take you on a four to five hour journey through the heart of Jiangxi – a land of rivers and rice fields, dotted by the occasional stand of pine trees covering the rolling hills.

Suichuan has not been immune from the contagion of new growth consuming China today. Yet Suichuan is still a largely rural county; its urban areas are dingy and gritty and dark at night, with far more bicycles and scooters than cars on the roads. This is not a place used to foreign faces such as ours."

A Little Bit About Chu Yan

It has been an amazingly exciting weekend. We received our Letter of Seeking Confirmation from Adopter yesterday morning and proudly checked the "We accept" box. Within 2 hours it was back in the hands of FedEx. We also received 2 pictures, our daughter's medical records and her State of Growth Prospective dated December 20, 2010.

We learned that at 10 months Chu Yan:

*Weighted 18.9 pounds
*Was 26.3 inches long
*and had 4 teeth

*sits alone quite steadily
*crawls on hands and knees
*stands with her hands holding support
*picks up small things with her fingers
*tears paper
*transfers blocks form one hand to the other
*reaches and grasps a toy beyond
*imitates words
*distinquishes between acqaintances and strangers
*is quiet and active
*fond of music and toys

Her favorite activity is playing outside and her favorite toys are blocks, a cloth doll and a musical doll.

We are fortunate to receive this information and much more. We are in love and very proud to be her chosen as her parents.


our daughter.

Long Chu Yan

Born on February 15, 2010

Living in Suichuan, Jiangxi

Can It Really Be True?

We have waited until CCAA has officially stated that referral have been made through June 2, 2006. I am confident to say that we are NEXT. What that means is probably between the 2nd and 3rd week of March we will be receiving the call that we have waited 57 months for. We will update as soon as the next set of rumors are confirmed. Thank you for your continued love and prayers.

Getting oh so close....

I'm back and ready to start posting again. This is because I will now have something to share with you all. For those of you that have been a part of our journey from the beginning, I thank you for the 55 months or 4 years, 7 months of support. Those of you who are new to our journey- welcome.

The China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) has currently referred children with families up to and including the date of May 29, 2006. Yes, we are now 9 Log In days away.

We were excited this week to receive our Pre-Travel packet from our agency. The purpose of this packet is to make sure we are ready and up to date with everything required with travel and appointments in China. For those of you who know me well, I am ready to leave tomorrow. The next step is a referral!

Once again, we must have faith in the good Lord. We may receive a referral in the next batch which could be in the next few weeks. If not, (I should be careful saying this) we will definitely be next.