Aquarium of Georgia

Let's just say that poor planning, long lines and deciding time is precious equals a membership to the Aquarium of Georgia, even for Poppy! Well worth it, the kids loved it! and I enjoyed using my new camera lens.

Visit with a Suichuan Sister

Lila is blessed to remain a part of one of first families, and we are so thankful that sweet Reese lives so close to our family. Although our babes, were not feeling their best we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a visit. I have to admit I love getting together with Tracy to catch up.

So sweet! Lila was tired and crawled on Daddy's lap. Reese rubbed her back for her. Lila feel asleep and Reese laid down on floor and fell asleep, too.

The Love of a Sister

A short walk on a crisp, sunny day. A breath of fresh air for a healing little girl. A Mama's heart smiling.

Lila grabbed her hand and sweetly told her "I Love You"
So proud of my girl. She loves so BIG.

December 25th

One was so sick and one was so content to play with her cousins. Neither of our girls really cared about opening presents they took hold of the moments to be be with the ones they loved and rarely get to see. That was a gift. It was also a special gift to hear Lila say "Mama I miss Tess" (when I went back to Poppy's to get her and Daddy when she woke from the little bit of restful sleep she was getting). And yet another to be able to spend Christmas morning with my sisters. Thank you all for making it so special!

Christmas Eve

Lila has not been feeling well, actually the worst I've probably ever seen her. We relaxed at Poppy's before heading out to Christmas Mass. Lila again wasn't feeling well and Holy Trinity gets an overwhelming number of parishioners to worship on Christmas Eve every year. So MaMa held her for 2 hours and tried to comfort her. Little One was at Aunt Lori's since fell asleep just before we were ready to leave. Let's just say we will come up with a new plan for next year. Uncle Greg and Alex prepared a delicious meal for the evening.

Bubble Guppies Party

When you are with your cousins and you just turned two years old, you must have a party together. This girl loves her Bubble Guppies. and her french fries.

The Girl Loves to Read...

unusual things for a three year old, and she usually has an unusual way of doing it.

Two Years Old

Our precious Tess turned 2 years old today and the day started with a room full of balloons. These sisters share a love of balloons. It was a quiet celebration on a stormy winter day, just tow sisters sharing a cannoli filled cake.There was elation in the opportunity to stick your spoon or fork right in. After all it was her cake and she can eat it anyway she wants, on her birthday. We are beyond blessed that she is celebrating with us. We are head over heels in love with this amazing little girl. She loves water, food, and her family. As I reflect on this it is amazing that what she loves are life's basic needs. She is a rare jewel and a treasure that we are grateful for. In the midst of the little celebration, I secretly celebrated the gift of being your forever mother. Happy Birthday, my Guangzhou Baby.