Happy Birthday, Lila Chu!

Happy Valentine's Day

We couldn't be more in love with this girl!

A Birthday Card

Lila opened her birthday card from Auntie Lori and began to read it. My girl is such a reader.

Isn't This the Way Cookies Should be Eaten?

We made sugar cookies and my girl kept reaching toward this tray of cookie dough. When I placed them in the oven she began to cry! She does like her cookie dough. We know because she says "MMMM' and smacks her lips.

February 11: Winter Returned

Long Enough for Pony Tails

Lila was quite the character on Superbowl Sunday. She let me put her hair in pony tails while playing with Daddy's phone. That is until she heard Madonna perform on TV, hence the look on her face. She couldn't get in the living room fast enough to dance. This girl loves to dance to music and she sure was a fan of Maddona. Due to her fashion choice of a diaper only we must keep her the priceless video of her dancing to ourselves.

Lila Loves To Read!

It was such a precious moment. After Lila took her bath she ran into her bedroom and put on this hat for the first time. She then grabbed her favorite book, Jan Brett's The Hat, and read to her Daddy and I. She is so animated when she reads a story. I am so blessed she loves to read. She truly is her Mommy's girl. (She now calls me "MaMeee")