4 Years!

Just checking in-
As of yesterday, we have been logged in in China for 4 years! We could never have imagined this journey to take so long. We know that you are praying for our family and thank you. I'm believing that we will get a referral this fall. The June referrals take us through the date 4-21-06.

I stumbled upon the following this evening and couldn't agree more.

"One of the things that I love about adoption is that—just like Christ’s death on the cross—adoption is a redemption story. The circumstances that lead to adoption are not perfect. Usually they are painful, difficult circumstance. But adoption transforms something painful into something amazingly beautiful. So while our child’s current circumstances may be far, far from perfect right now, and we experience our own grief and sadness as we wait for her/him, we know that God has a miracle in store for us, and the joy we have ahead of us is beyond measure. How amazing is that?"