Three Months!

As Lila would say "WOW". She began to use this word when a large box arrived for her last week. It has been an unbelievable three months filled with many emotions, discoveries and life. My girl is full of life. We can't believe how much our baby has grown and changed in the past three months. So much so that I am a little sad to say she is no longer a baby but a beautiful little girl. I am blessed and honored to be her MaMa. There is no doubt that his little human being loves her MaMa and Daddy with all her heart. She is so loving and affectionate. Lila loves her independence now that she can "run" around. She takes herself all over the house and neighborhood. Speaking of the neighborhood, she is the star of our street. She stops cars. Lila loves water! She loves to drink it, splash in it, soak in it, swim in it and even dive head first with her dress and shoes on. Now that Lila has 15 teeth she enjoys many different foods. The girl can eat. She can also babble quite well. We are very curious to know what she is saying. I am proud to say that my girl loves to read and even has a favorite author: Eric Carle. BaBa and I can recite From Head to Toe and The Very Busy Spider without looking at the pages. She is so funny to listen to reading the book. She even points to the words. Lila actually started calling her Daddy BaBa (chinese for father) last week. She is even going potty in the toilet when MaMa notices it is time to do her business. Oh yeah, my girl is such a copy cat that she now swiffers the floors and wipes the table after a meal. We are blessed to have a girl who giggles and enjoys the simple things in life everyday. She is so strong and determined in everything she does. Thank you for you love and prayers!