618 today's date, and the number that appears often before Dave. He believes 618 is connected to us and our adoption. So, today when I was at work Annie,who works in the cafeteria, shared the dream she had this morning (618) with me. She told me she saw my daughter in her dream and that she is beautiful. She was wearing a red dress and had little bows in her hair. You see I do not know this woman well. Several weeks ago, my car was in the shop and Dave dropped me off to work early. Well, the only open entrance to the school was through the kitchen and the janitor hadn't come in to turn the alarms off yet. So I had to sit and wait. Annie and Anna sat with me. She asked me if I had any children and that is when I briefly told her we were in the middle of an adoption from China had has already taken 2 years. She commented about families that she knows who had adopted. Was this God's way of sending us a message?

Two Years

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more Well, 2 years has actually washed away since our paper work was sent to China. Referrals were made for June and they include LID's through 1-20-06. We are praying that once the Olympic games are completed in August we will see more dates being referred each month. The following link is an update from Half the Sky regarding China's children and the earthquakeaftermath, and HTS's director who will have the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch to represent China's orphaned children. Due to the dangerous conditions that currently exist, the children will no longer be able to run beside her.