This girl loves the RAIN!


Not Posed!

I couldn't believe my eyes when Lila sat in the driveway like this! She is growing up so fast. I always pray that I can teach her to be strong and independent. I just didn't realize it would begin at age 2. She fills my heart everyday with such joy. She has such a beautiful soul and begins a smile to everyone she meets.

Is It Really March?

We were incredibly blessed with record high temperatures in Western New York. We totally took advantage of it spending most of the days and evenings outside. This was no challenge for us. Lila loves the outdoors. As soon as Daddy arrived home from work Lila asked "Bike ride?" and took Daddy by the hand for her helmet.
Sidewalk Chalk with "Meesha"
Lila loves a "HAT"

Daddy's Handy Helper

Making Meatballs with Poppy

Teaching Poppy to sprinkle with oregano before cooking.

Little Miss Photographer

I bet Lila was thinking "I can do it". Those of you who don't have the sheer pleasure of often spending time with the Little Miss are not aware of one of her favorite saying "I can do it, please". She is my very polite, self confident, little copycat. When I call her Little Miss Copycat it is always followed by a Lila "meow". She found the storage place of my old camera and has taken over ownership. "Cheese"

Like A Fish In the Water

We are so proud of our little girl. She is like a little fish in the water.