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The Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs has made referrals through March 2, 2006. We have approval from the US government to enter the US from China with an ophran(s)through May 7, 2009. Therefore, we are resubmitting yet another request (with an updated home study, supporting documents, and fees) for a third time. To add to that our passports are also being renewed since they expire in June. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Year of the Ox

We have now entered the Year of The Earth Ox. Those born this year are resolute, enduring, motivated by patience, is focused and genuine.

2009, the Year of the Ox, is represented by two elements -- double Earth. The energetic characteristic of Earth element is one of patience, harmony and charity. Like a garden, which Earth element symbolizes, hard work, persistence and patience shall yield dividends in harvest. Similarly, an ox steadily and methodically plows away in the field, producing and sharing what the earth produces with those less fortunate than us are the features of the year. My advice this year is for us to return to the basics and, literally and figuratively, reconnect and take care of our planet earth. It is a time for healing and rebuilding from natural and manmade disasters and breakdowns, and to peacefully bridge cultural, religious and political divides internationally. It will require enlightened leaders in the world to come together to accomplish the difficult tasks ahead as the financial storm and global warming have touched every part of the world and affected every person. But through cooperation, dedication and commitment there is nothing that is impossible, although we need to temper our expectation with patience. (Dr. Maoshing Ni)