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Please accept our apologies. Blogger was blocked in China and we were unable to post here. We hope you were able to find us at .

Sunday, April 10

Hello from the Hong Kong. We are awaiting our flight to Nanchang. We can't believe that today is the day. We will have Lila Chu Yan in our arms in a few hours. So excited! We have met so many wonderful friends. It has been amazing!

On our way Lila!

Hong Kong

Hello from Hong Kong!
We arrived yesterday afternoon and took a little walk along the harbor before having dinner and heading off to bed early.

Today was our last day being a party of 2. We met some wonderful friends and were taken on a very touristy tour of Hong Kong. We went to Stanley Market, a Fisherman's Village (quick boat tour around some house boats) and Victoria's Peak (it was very foggy). We then had a traditional DimSum lunch. Having coffee at Starbuck's with our new friends from Atlanta while we use their free wifi. Sending our love home!

Some Babies Come By Plane

We are finally leaving to bring our baby home. The last few weeks have been completely full. Full of packing, being showered with wonderful gifts, preparing for a leave at work and emotional highs and lows in our family. Keep us in your prayers. We will do our best to post our journey. We are on our way Lila Chu Yan!