Our Daughter's Current Home

Guangzhou, once known as Canton, is the capital of Guangdong Province. The economic center of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou is one of the most prosperous and one of the largest cities in China. Famous for its history and culture, ten emperors from three ancient dynasties established their capital in Guangzhou. It was said that in ancient times five fairies holding ears of grain and riding on five goats came to Guangzhou; thus Guangzhou has come to be known as "Yangcheng" (City of Goats) and "Suicheng" (City of Corn Ears). Guangzhou is also the cradle of the ancient sea route of the Silk Road. There are many other sites that remain from Guangzhou’s ancient past including the huge Temple of Six Banyan Trees and Flower Pagoda on Liurong Road. A renowned Buddhist cultural site, the temple was built in 537 and enshrines three large Buddhist statutes. The copper Flower Pagoda has 9 stories when viewed from the outside and 17 stories when viewed from the inside, and the body of the column is carved with thousands of small figures of Buddha. Guangzhou is also dotted by numerous parks and gardens, each with its own specialties, but all providing tranquil surroundings and lots of places for strolling.(HalfTheSky.org)
The entrance to the Guangzhou City Social Welfare Institute where Tess Xiao Yun has lived for the past 21 months.

September 2013

September has been very busy for our family. The start of school for Lila and Mommy, Daddy is now a detective, Lila goes to swim lessons 2 nights and has had many play dates with Gianna this. Mommy is trying to be a warrior with lesson preparations, a "Get Out of the Auto Zone" photography class and most importantly our trip to get Tess Xiao Yun on October 9th. Yes, we are all set to go China. Although, we have been very busy we have also been very excited about life this month. We are truly blessed.