Ornament Swap

We participated in an Christmas ornament swap with Harrah's Make the Wait group. Thank you to Cyndi and Dean for the beautiful ornaments.

December 2008

It was three years ago this month that we made the decision to adopt from China. Looking back we would never have imagined that our journey would take so long. But we continue to have faith and believe that God has a plan for us. Although sometimes it seems that so little has happened in the last three years, so much has. We have made friends and done things that we may not have if we already had our child. Most of all we have learned that what we do with our blessings is much more important than counting our blessing. This holiday season we hope you too are blessed and choose to do great things with those blessings.

If you shop on Amazon, we ask that you do so via the Love Without Boundaries link on the right. If you clink on the Amazon link at their bottom, a portion of your sale with benefit China's orphans. You may also consider making a donation or sponsoring a child. We are blessed for the work they do.

You are probably wondering what date China is on- February 19. We will update December's referrals (hopefully) this week.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!