I apologize

I apologize that I haven't been a very good blogger lately. There is just not much happening on this journey. Although it is disheartening to watch how slow referrals are being made, I know that this is part of some bigger plan for us. So, for the past few months we have been embracing life. I have spent many, many hours working on the National Board Teacher Certification process and growing professionally. Dave has spent many, many hours of training physically and mentally to compete in a body building competition. He took second place twice and most importantly removed it from his list of things I should do in my lifetime. We then spent some much needed quality time together on Sanibel Island collecting shells, where we met an amazing little girl named Alyssa (the granddaughter of our friends). We also spent time doing one of my favorite things in life- hanging out with my nephews, including Evan who is now 1 month old. So, as this journey continues we count our blessings and continue to prepare for the day we meet our Chinababy.

If you want to follow families traveling this week who will meet their children on May 7th, I have updated the links on the right. Just click under May Families.