A Post I Never Wanted to Make

Lila's Nonnie wanted and loved her so much. She waited so long to meet her. We were blessed to Skype Nonnie daily and Lila fell in love with her instantly. The past two months have been very bittersweet for them spending time together. And now I must share that we lost an amazing women; our mother, our grandmother, our friend and our protector to Ovarian Cancer this morning. Lila was there to love her. My heartbreaks that she will grow up without her. I pray that Lila will grow to be as strong, brave and determined as my mother was.

Two Months

We have enjoyed every minute of our lives with Lila these last two months. It has been busy and at times overwhelming. Where does the time go everyday?

We now blog and post pictures(when time permits) at http://lilachuyan.shutterfly.com Please check in on our adventures there.