To be grateful is to recognize the love of God in everything He had given us- and He has given us everything. Every breath we draw is a gift of His love, every moment of existence a gift of grace. Thomas Merton
Today we are grateful for everything God has given to us, most of all we are in awe of his generosity in allowing us to parent two of his most wonderful creations. For this we are thankful. May God grace you with the love of family, cherished memories of the heart, great food and an amazing deal or two.

A Little Winter Weather

A little Winter weather has made it's way into our little corner of the world. You can only imagine the excitement on Lila's face yesterday morning. There was only a dusting of snow and the girl had big ambitions of going sledding. She settled for catching snowflakes and making a snowman.
We weren't sure how Tess was going to react to this new adventure in the cold.
Today we had a little more than a dusting and a Daddy willing to pull us around in our sled.
Let's just say we have to girls from Southern China who love the weather in the Northeastern United States.

A Lesson in Puddle Jumping

Perfect weather for Lila: warm after a heavy rain. Perfect for puddle jumping. Perfect day to teach Tess.
No puddle is too small

A Very Special Portrait

Lila drew her first picture of her MaMa. Not only is it beautiful but it is on her chalkboard (not the wall).

One Incredible Child

We have only been home one week yet this sweet, incredible child acts like she has always been a part of our family. When I received our one and only update on her this summer, I stated to my youngest sister that she is definitely not the poster child for Chinese adoption. At that time, I had no idea that she really is one incredible child that no one would ever guess just spent 22 months in an orphanage halfway around the world. She is vibrant, happy, loving, and smart. She repeats everything and always has a story to tell.I can wait to understand what she is saying. When I asked Lila she responded "I don't know, she is speaking English". We often her her saying uh-oh. The girl loves to eat and is just in awe that she is allowed to get a snack whenever she wants. She wants to be a big girl who eats out of a big bowl with a big fork or spoon. She loves to drink water out of a water bottle and thinks drinking out of a mug is pretty cool. This girl does not need music to sing and dance. She loves each one of us and shows it with wide smiles, giggles and kisses. She loves that her Daddy spoils her and that her Mama is nearby. I love the way she says Mama like a Chinese woman and how easy she is to put to sleep. She truly is one incredible child!

Very Artistic

"Just getting dressed up, Mama"
"I was just making pictures. Just Daddy, Mama, a circle and a flower." The canvas was our dining room walls. She received the honor of scrubbing them with a Magic Eraser.