Santa Came To Visit

Since we were spending the Holiday with family in Georgia, Santa came to visit early.

Lila was so sweet about Santa's visit. She would look at each gift and declare "Lila's camera", "Lila's zoo",..The camera Santa brought was a favorite. She loves taking pictures just like her MaMa and video like her Daddy. (This post is owed a few of her shots as well as a video)

"I Love Snow"

This MaMa couldn't believe her eyes when she arrived home at 9:00 pm from a quick trip to the Outlet Mall for a Christmas Present. This little girl gets so excited when she sees it snowing. She can not resist the urge to go out and play regardless of the time or temperature.

"I love snow" and "I love Daddy"

Preparing to Celebrate

With such joy this precious child enjoyed decoratoring our tree this year. She just loves the lights, music and putting on the star

Blessed to Have Some Suichuan Sister Time

Our hearts have been full of so many blessings this past month. On top of the list is Thanksgiving. We had so much to be thankful. The opportunity to spend time with family was more than we could have ever dreamed of. We started and ended with some very much needed bonding time with Poppy, aunties, uncles and cousins. The middle of the weekend was an amazing time with some of Lila's Suichuan Sisters. Watching the girls together for the first time since China was priceless. We did miss the girls who were not able to join us this time.

    (Really hope someone in the group was able to get a great shot of this- it happened unplanned and quick)

A Walk With My Friend

It was a gorgeous day to introduce Ana to our favorite place to walk and find leaves, sticks and rocks.

Double Sweetness

Spending an evening with our new friend was super sweet. Lets just say Lila and Ana love to laugh, be tickled and run around.

Looking forward to many more playdates fulf of sweetness.
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