After watching Max and Ruby go camping Lila has decided that she needs to go camping too. For her, camping just required a sleeping bag and a fire. We were blessed to have our cousins come back home for a visit. They just traveled from Georgia to the Grand Canyon and around to family here in Niagara Falls, with their trailer. Our childhood days were filled with many camping trips and experiences, and we are thrilled that Lila enjoyed herself so much.
Thank you Hen and Cary!

Beluga Whales

How exciting to finally see real dolphins, sea lions, a walrus, killer whale and Beluga whales- lots of them. Lila thought the highlight of her adventure to Marineland was when a dolphin came right up to the glass in front of her stopping to say hello then gave a little squirt of water. The real highlight was feeding a Beluga whale! Thanks Daddy!

Another Miracle

It had been exactly two years to the date since the referral of our amazing daughter, Lila Chu Yan. What an amazing path our Lord has been leading us on. He has taught us so much and blessed us more than we even imagined possible. It has been an incredible blessing to parent such an incredible being that has been chosen for us. Well, the Lord our Father has once again made His plan known and entrusted us with another miracle. On February 25, CCAI called and told us that there was a 14 month old baby girl in Guangzhou, China. Please meet our daughter and sister, Tess Xiao Yun:
(received this photo with an update from June 2013)

Daddy Fun

Skipping rocks.

Fresh Cut Fries

Lila is not usually a French Fry eater but she did love the fresh cut fries eaten with a little wooden fork. This was a favorite of my sisters and I growing up. Good, simple memories.

Our Little Amusement Park

Daddy took the afternoon off from his busy schedule to take a trip to our amusement park that is just Lila's size and speed. Well, this girl's favorite was the Ferris Wheel! She was very lucky that it was a slow day at the park and the Ferris Wheel operator was smitten with her. She rode on it countless times. Did I mention the rides are only 25 cents each!