Tea Party

Lila pointed to the china cabinet this afternoon and requested that we use "those tea cups, Mommy". So, today Lila had her first real tea party using our Mommy and Me tea cup set from Mommy's dear friend Charleen (a tea lover and teaching mentor). it didn't take long for Little Miss to realize that china makes music when you tap it, turning it into a musical tea party.

The Life of a Three Year Old

Living the of a three year old has been very busy. I 've learned what love really is, I do not hesitate to tell you "I love you" (sometimes with a southern drall and sometimes 30 times a day). I understand that I am part of a family. I've grown into a "little girl". I continue to amaze my Mama and Daddy with my ever expanding vocabulary. I can party like a Rock Star and I want to be a cowgirl.

Simple Fun

It was a beautiful day for a little simple fun in the backyard with daddy. This little girl is so simple and simply loves water.We love the last photo, it is a recent version of one of our favorite photos from China taken by our friend and amazing photographer, Cheryl Welch. She titled the original 'Happy Girl'. That she is, such a happy girl.