The Heart of Jesus

This morning Lila woke up to balloons in her bedroom, for today is her birthday. She is our heart and our joy as the pictures I post can only begin to to tell of our girl.

She also is a spiritual soul. So proven once again this morning. With spending a little bit of time together before work, Watching her play with her balloons I commented to Dave that I believe she is a spiritual child.
That moment she came to me and said "her MaMa your book read it". She knows this is my book because I have told her that is mine and she may read it but not write in it. Well, I read to her the inspirational thought for February 15. It was titled The Heart of Jesus and began "The crowning attribute of Christ was this: his heart was spiritual. His thoughts reflected his intimate relationships with the Father." I find such peace and comfort in this little soul as I do in knowing the heart of Jesus is spiritual. Happy Birthday, Lila!

A letter to Lila.

Feb 15th, 2013,
Dearest Lila,
     Today is your 3rd Birthday !  You awoke to balloons in your room and your Mom and I kissed you up all morning. 
     You and I celebrated with your classmates, singing Happy Birthday to you and making shortbread and strawberry "Snakes" for Chinese New Year.
     I had a wonderful day with you, I hope this and every birthday are special for you. I will do my best to make it so.
Love Always,
Happy Birthday!
Your Dad

The Snow Slide That Daddy Built

The slide that Daddy built in the backyard.  That smile made the two hours of work worth it!!! Too bad the snow melted the next day, but I'll build you one EVERY day if you want me to!! XOXO

Piano Practice

Lila has been practicing on the piano everyday. Anticipating some lessons in the future.

Trying to read Daddy's music notes. Too bad they are for the guitar.

Daddy's 1st Post

     Since our arrival home in April 2011 with the Miracle we call Lila Chu I have been keeping a journal of love letters to my beloved daughter.  Here on her blog I will share some of my thoughts and feelings I have penned to paper, some I will not.  I am thankful every day to have Lila in my life and I strive to be a better man today than I was yesterday for her.  I am humbled and blessed with such a beautiful creature in my life and I always knew God loved me, I just didn't know he loved me that much.
    Lila is the most amazing soul I have ever been graced to spend a moment with, I am truly blessed to be her Dad.  Here are the Top Ten Things I have learned from Life with Lila Chu:
10. Sometimes you need to lay on the floor to get the right perspective.
9. Laugh at yourself.
8. Don't be in a hurry to go to bed.
7. Seize any opportunity to play, the dishes/laundry/yard can wait.
6. Always take a second to catch a raindrop or snowflake when there's an opportunity.
5. Noodles are okay for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. Let your Happiness out...ALL THE TIME!
3. Sometimes you just need to cuddle the day away.
2. Random "I love you's" are the sweetest I love you's.
1. There's never a wrong time to Dance!

Snow Much Fun

Snow Angels

One look in her eyes...
One smell of her hair...
One puff of breath on your face...
One moment with her...
You will believe she is truly an Angel in the snow.

Welcome the Year of Year of the Snake

Today was a very exciting day. A fresh snowfall in the morning and a "dance party" in the afternoon. We welcomed the Year of the Snake with our Asian Connection of Western New York friends. Lila was in awe of the dancers and Kung Fu demonstration.

 Lila loved the "Indoor Fireworks"  (the children jumped on big sheets of bubble wrap! It was a genius idea)

Snowy Morning

We woke up to a beautiful snowfall. Big, fluffy flakes. Lila loves using adjectives.